Communication Tools

For many, the move to home and mobile working means that email has taken over from real communication. It doesn't have to be that way. Microsoft Teams offers powerful collaboration features that let you work together as a team. It also brings some extra benefits to make you even more productive.

Remote Working

Whether you’re on different sides or the city or the country, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace lets you collaborate as though you’re sitting across the desk from each other. Arrange online meetings for two people or for dozens at once, all accessible from your notebook, tablet, or smartphone. Group editing enables you to work on the same documents together simultaneously, while online whiteboards let teams visualise their thoughts in real time.

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Video Conferencing

Why stay tethered to a desk when you can collaborate just as well on the move? Video and audio conferencing capabilities give you the quality of communication that you only get from face-to-face interactions.

Microsoft Teams lets you access all your files and communications in one place from the device on your kitchen table or in your pocket. Online discussion areas keep you up to date with your project teams and enable you to contribute from wherever you are at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Cloud Apps & Productivity

Working with a company that doesn’t use Microsoft 365? No problem. Microsoft Teams breaks down boundaries with seamless cross-company collaboration. Invite people from other organisations into your project team as guests. Keep things secure by giving them easy access but only to the assets they need. They can participate in online meetings and telephone calls with just a web browser.

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