Communication Tools

Remote working

Even when your team members are in different cities, our cloud-based productivity solutions make it seem like they’re working face to face.

Powerful real-time collaboration

With Intalex at your side, you can work just as effectively from home as you do at the office. We bring you cloud applications that give employees an even better collaboration experience than they had in the office.

Whether you’re brainstorming on a whiteboard or collaborating on meeting notes, the cloud has you covered wherever you are. We’re experts in creating solutions that let you work together your way, on your schedule, with no compromises.

A single workspace on desktop, web & mobile

Our cloud technology gives you easy access to all your assets in one place. With a single shared workspace in the cloud, you can connect and collaborate from any device, whether it’s in your pocket or on your desk. You can even access your files and apps securely from someone else’s computer via the web.

Co-author files simultaneously

The days of sending files and waiting for someone else to review them are over. Cloud-based document editing empowers employees to work together on the files they need using the Microsoft Office tools that they know and love. Make long review cycles a thing of the past and get everyone on the same page – literally.

Stay in sync

We’ve all spent valuable time trying to find the right version of a file in an email inbox. Say goodbye to that frustration. Our cloud solutions keep all your files up to date no matter how distributed your team or how complex your project. That means no one will ever be out of step.

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