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Seamless online meeting services

Cloud technology has supercharged online meetings. Microsoft Teams upgrades yesterday’s phone calls to modern multi-person audio meetings. What used to be expensive enterprise video conferencing technology is now yours for a low monthly fee. It comes with enhanced productivity features including a digital assistant that schedules meetings automatically, keeping everyone on track.

Show, don't tell

Your employees got to see each other before they switched to home working, and they don’t have to stop now. High-quality video conferencing keeps team members in touch with screen sharing, collaborative note taking, and rich conversations that communicate every nuance.

Well, perhaps not every nuance. Cloud video conferencing adapts to every need with smart background blurring features that keep your conversations professional and your home life private.

Unlock your latent expertise

Your employees are founts of knowledge, and meetings are where they share it. Our recording feature keeps a record of audio and video meetings and also transcribes speech to ensure that no insight is wasted. Combined with our live captioning and in-message translation features, it enables you distil every last drop of value from your communications.

Keep information safe

Talking of privacy, enterprise-grade security and compliance features protect your live cloud meetings from prying eyes, ensuring that your employees can talk freely about the most sensitive business topics.

Microsoft Teams rooms

Holding a meeting between your team and an external partner is easy thanks to Teams Rooms. This service joins employees’ devices to a Teams meeting when they enter a suitably-equipped room, integrating seamlessly with microphones and video conferencing cameras. With guests displayed on large monitors in the room, you can meet business partners like you’re all sitting across from each other.

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