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Cloud control & visibility

The cloud is a complex place with hundreds of applications. Intalex has years of experience in helping clients to keep their cloud environments compliant and secure.

Assess your shadow IT risk

Are you sure you know what services your employees are using? Employees who use unauthorised cloud services create an invisible patchwork of applications that you can’t control. We call this ‘shadow IT’, and it creates leak points for sensitive company data. Intalex offers a Cloud App Discovery service that spots all the applications your employees are using in the cloud, even if they don’t tell your IT department about them.

Manage your cloud app security

Our cloud security systems enable you to tighten up security across all your cloud applications. We can help you assess the compliance of over 16,000 applications, scoring them using dozens of risk metrics and enabling you to plug security loopholes. Then, you can classify your sensitive information and apply policies to govern how you store it in the cloud.

Identify high-risk users

Some employees are riskier than others and will use cloud applications in ways that could endanger your security. Intalex will help you to configure systems that watch for unusual behaviour across cloud applications. We can flag up areas of concern for you to analyse further and take action where necessary.

Manage access and usage for all applications in one place

Modern companies have dozens or even hundreds of applications to juggle, and users need access to lots of them every day. We bring all of those applications into a single place, giving employees easy access to them with a single login.

64% of SMBs

allow employees to access work data on personal devices

250% increase

in phishing email detection from January - December 2018 worldwide

55% of SMBs

are concerned about employees leaving the company with data on their personal devices

94% rise

in the average cost of downtime associated with ransomware in 2020

58% of employee devices

on average are configured with proper security protocols

80% of SMBs

list ransomware as a top concern

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