Hardware Management

Remote work must still be secure work. Microsoft’s cloud technology offers both without making any compromises, giving employees the same secure remote experience that they’d get at their office desk.

Device Setup

Setting up end-user saps more time and money as your employee numbers grow. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll help you with an automated deployment plan that sets up computers quickly and easily before employees even turn them on, whether Windows, Mac, or mobile systems. Work with us to reduce device setup costs and make employees productive sooner.

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Device Management

As employees access more work data from their smartphones and tablets, you need to retain control to stop personal and work information mixing together. Intalex’s mobile security experts understand how to manage work data and applications on both the devices that you own and those that your staff bring to work. We’ll help you navigate complex privacy and security issues to keep your data safe without sacrificing mobile productivity.

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Device Security

When cyber criminals try to attack your company, they’ll rattle the locks on all your doors – including your Windows 10 notebooks and desktop machines. At Intalex, we have years of expertise in securing a range of  devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We’ll ensure that your operating system is up to date, while configuring tools that stamp out malicious software delivered via email attachments and websites. We’ll also encrypt your information to protect it from prying eyes.

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