Hardware Management

Manage your mobile devices

Back up your cloud-based Microsoft 365 data with a comprehensive solution that protects every file. Blend convenience and security with our enterprise-class device security solutions.

Strong device security

What happens at work should stay at work, even when it’s on a smartphone or tablet. Intalex offers security solutions that protect your devices and data, wherever your employees take them.

Manage your mobile devices

Our mobile device management service enables you to manage all of your mobile devices from one place, including those that your users own. You can quickly gauge the security of all your mobile devices across the entire workforce from a single screen, and if a device is lost or stolen, you can even wipe company information from it remotely.

Manage your mobile apps

Work and play shouldn’t mix, especially when it comes to mobile apps. We’ll help you create policies that let you decide what apps have access to your business data, and implement cloud-based software to enforce them. That will stop employees copying data from business apps to personal ones.

Secure windows devices

We’ll help you to keep your Windows 10 devices up to date automatically with patches that protect them from security risks. We complement that with powerful malware protection and BitLocker technology that encrypts your sensitive data.

64% of SMBs

allow employees to access work data on personal devices

250% increase

in phishing email detection from January - December 2018 worldwide

55% of SMBs

are concerned about employees leaving the company with data on their personal devices

94% rise

in the average cost of downtime associated with ransomware in 2020

58% of employee devices

on average are configured with proper security protocols

80% of SMBs

list ransomware as a top concern

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