IT Support for Hybrid Workplaces

You moved quickly to get employees working from home. Now you have to support remote work as a long-term business practice. We help you with productive remote working solutions that do the job, wherever you are.

Managing a Remote Work Environment

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace offers a powerful set of cloud-based applications. This includes Microsoft 365, which integrates the Office applications you know and love directly into the cloud. It also offers other solutions ranging from cloud telephony and video conferencing through to cloud-based data storage.

At Intalex, we have years of experience configuring cloud-based solutions to make work more flexible and mobile. When the pandemic hit, we were able to help companies make the transition to remote work quickly and efficiently. Now, we’re helping them prepare for the long term in four ways.

Collaborate in Real-time

Email works up to a point, but employees working remotely need grown-up solutions to get things done. We build powerful collaboration solutions that don’t just maintain productivity – they enhance it.

Work Safely From Anywhere

Employees are working outside the office more than ever. Attackers are eager to exploit any weakness they can find in remote working practices. We’re here to stop them.

Work Securely on Any Device

Your employees work on multiple devices, some of which your company doesn’t even own. We make those endpoints functional and safe.

64% of SMBs

allow employees to access work data on personal devices

250% increase

in phishing email detection from January - December 2018 worldwide

55% of SMBs

are concerned about employees leaving the company with data on their personal devices

94% rise

in the average cost of downtime associated with ransomware in 2020

58% of employee devices

on average are configured with proper security protocols

80% of SMBs

list ransomware as a top concern

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Intalex is the business technology partner you always wished you had. We put business outcomes first, building IT systems to support your goals. We do it all in simple language, with a focus on customer service.

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